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Ovation Get StageSTRUCK Performance

Annual Performance


Get STAGEstruck! is a multi-media variety show celebrating the accomplishments of our students from all the live performance classes  – acting, singing, dancing and musical theatre.  

It’s the final variety show of the season for those students aged 8 to 18 yrs and it includes full costuming and props, lights and sound, and all the high-tech production elements available at the beautiful Flato Markham Theatre.  

Each live-performance class performs and it often wraps with an ensemble piece featuring all students.  Materials run the gamut from amazing dance pieces to hilarious comedy segments, poignant and thought-provoking acting scenes and full-blown musical theatre and singing pieces.  

A 2-act extravaganza that dazzles in every way!  Happens at the end of May each season and is a brilliant chance for families, friends and anyone new to Ovation! to watch our students in action, in a beautiful venue with all the bells and whistles of a fabulous performance!  

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be thrilled!  And you’ll want more!

Ovation Get StageSTRUCK Play
Ovation Get StageSTRUCK

Season Overview & Student Feedback

  • Our Season runs from mid-Sept to end of May with weekly classes for each program.
  • The program Levels progress from primary through senior, introducing or enhancing the various components of the discipline and program. Each Level covers a 3 to 4 yr age range.  Depending on age, experience, and when they begin with us, a student could be in the same Level for 1 to 3 seasons.  Students learn how to function as both leaders and followers, experiencing the range of responsibilities and learning opportunities associated with being in a class with a variety of ages, personalities and types of learners.
  • As students progress each season and also through the Levels, they build their personal and performer’s toolkit with more in-depth advanced learning through various teaching tools, focused on skill acquisition, technical development, and practical performance application.  As the Level increases, the in-studio class-time lengthens and the expectations increase with more or lengthier materials, more ‘mature’ but still age-appropriate content, and more advanced learning tools requiring increasingly more at-home preparation time between classes.  The Level 3, 4 and 5 programs may also include more shows/performances/filming opportunities.
  • Each class and student is provided with a detailed Course Curriculum Outline at the beginning of the season outlining all performance or filming requirements and specific curriculum goals, learning tools and teaching strategies ~ a roadmap of where and how we’ll take the class through the season! We discuss specific goals with each student, at the start, at the mid-way point and at the end of the season so we always know what we’re working towards!  And each student receives a personalized Progress Report at the end of each season celebrating their amazing achievements and growth, setting intentions for their continued development, and recommending next steps, all based on the student’s own goals and interests for their training and development.
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