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The Art Of Performance

Dance Classes for all ages and skill levels. From Jazz to Hip Hop, we have a class for you.

Explore the artistic world of acting with Stage Acting, Screen Acting, Comedy and more.

Take part in one of our renowned singing or musical theatre classes to perfect your skill! 

Join an unforgettable summer adventure at one of our enriching summer arts programs. 

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"Professional ~ Dynamic ~ Current"

Whether the arts is your career goal or your personal passion, we can help you give your best performance every time you’re on stage, in the recording studio, or in front of a camera.

“It’s a rare talent that makes everything look so easy it belies the hard work and dedication behind it. Astaire had it, Baryshnikov, Rubinstein, certain writers, poets and other brilliant artists of all types. The ones who convey the feeling that there’s still so much strength and energy left unused. It’s a tremendous quality, supremely desired by all artists. YOU want to be that type of artist.”

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Dance Classes

Unleash Your Inner Rythm

Students preforming at Ovation! a Richmond Hill performing arts school

We proudly offer a diverse range of dance classes that are tailored to all ages and skill levels. Our vast range of offerings includes classes that focus on: tap, hip hop, ballet/jazz, contemporary, and musical theatre dance skills. 

Our experienced team of instructors and welcoming atmosphere make our studio a great spot for all dancers to pick up and improve upon their passion.

Acting Classes

Lights, Camera, Action!

Student at a theatre school in Richmond Hill

From screen acting to comedy, voice acting to singing, we offer a variety of training programs to help build upon your theatre skills. Whether you are honing your existing talents, or exploring your interest in theatre for the first time, we have the class for you!

Our theatre classes are great at helping you with a variety of skills including:

Music Classes

Captivating Performances

Students in a Richmond Hill Drama School

From musical theatre to singing, our music classes offer a diverse range of training programs to enhance your musical abilities. 

Whether you’re refining your existing skills or discovering your passion for music for the first time, we have the perfect class for you!

Summer Camps

Summer of Creativity

Panoply summer performance troupe

We offer an unforgettable summer camp experience, full of learning, creativity, and adventure. Students can dive into the world of theatre, acting, dance, comedy and more depending on their interests. 

We expert instructors and a fun packed curriculum, our camps provide a great environment for students to continue learning while having fun.

Soti V
So thankful that I found Ovation! My 13 year old daughter looks forward to Mondays because she loves her theatre classes! They are such a warm and fun company, yet highly professional. I can’t say enough about how inclusive and inviting everyone is, from the owners to the teachers and even the students. Just a wonderful community! It was such a joy to watch the end of year showcase last night! Bravo ❤️ Ovation! ❤️
shakufe virani
Ovation has been amazing. My daughter has become very confident in both her singing and her acting, and in her art school got an A+ on her drama Project and she now has the confidence to try out for the school play in one of the leading roles as well as the vocals. Prior to ovation, I did not even know that she could act but Ovation has given her the tools and the skills to show her that she can memorize songs and roles. She loves going there every Saturday, and really enjoyed being in the Performance last month. The teachers and staff are amazing at recognizing talent and on improving skills. I highly recommend ovation!!! Their show is so professionally done. I am very impressed.
Anna Rosen
The Ovation school is an amazing place to send your kids. My daughter has been going for 5 years now and the amount of personal development she has undergone is staggering. From a relatively shy person she has gained confidence both socially and in her singing and acting and from an awkward dancer she has gained fluidity and comfort with her body. But most importantly she has gained a sense of self worth, accomplishment, a team spirit and independence which can only be nurtured and developed under the supporting environment that Ovation and their multitude of very talented teachers provide. Also, I have to say, what a wonderful show the kids put on this winter. I feel every year the shows get bigger and better and the material exciting and surprising. Thank you for creating such an incredible opportunity for our kids. Looking forward for many more years.
yaniv barda
We are so fortunate to have found out about Ovation Performing Arts school. Our daughter absolutely loves being a part of such an amazing place. It has helped her conquer her fears and overcome obstacles that otherwise would have not been possible. As well, it has improved her skills in singing and performing. Ovations is a caring and nurturing environment that gives each and every student the attention they require to set them up for success. They are a top notch school that helps there students improve there confidence and self esteem enabling them to take on any challenge that comes there way. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for a fulfilling and enriching experience in the performing arts.
Tatiana de Almeida Pacheco
Ovation is the best place for you or your child to develop Arts, Drama, Dance skills and to grown as a person, learn to work as a teammate! Besides all the growth my daughter had throughout this past year, pandemic has left many damages to many people’s mental health and my daughter Maria suffered a lot, specially with so many losses we had in our family in the past two years. Bonnie and Chris are two amazing human beings and make all of their students feel comfortable, welcomed like a family. I can write anything that I feel in my heart but will never be enough words to express our happiness and gratitude to have our daughter to be part of Ovation’s family! Thank you so much for everything! ♥️
Angie A
Feeling so fortunate to have our daughter join Ovation this past season after having discovered it through a glowing referral from close friends. The season has now culminated in a live theatre performance showcasing a multitude of talents representative of the diverse offerings (vocal, acting, comedy, musical theatre and the likes). What is very apparent is the passion and dedication the Ovation team has for their work and craft. It is an engaging environment where children can pursue their interests in a supported, safe and encouraging ambience by caring and talented staff. My daughter's experience here has been a positive one full of learning, growth as well as an exercise in character and confidence building. We look forward to trying new classes, expanding her knowledge base and bonding with like-minded friends at the Ovation family.
Lili Ma
I have only positive things to say about this school. My two girls have been taking dance and musical theatre classes there for about 2.5 years. They enjoyed each and every class they’ve taken thus far. They’re always eager to attend the class and came home with big excitement about what they’d done during the class. All the instructors there are well qualified, incredibly friendly, and take a child-oriented approach to their teaching. And they’re very good at what they do! My younger daughter has broken out of her shyness over the past two years, and I’m confident in saying that her positive experience at Ovation has played a part in it. Last but not least, Bonnie and Chris are amazing, and their customer service is truly exemplary. All in all, my two girls with stick with this school for years to come. :)
Arlene Amitirigala
I'm so glad that we found this gem of a performing arts program! The teachers are fantastic and create a wonderful learning environment for the students to develop and hone their talents. This year's production was such a high standard!

21st Century Success Through The Arts

Executive Function Skils

In addition to the technical skill developed inherent in our classes, our cirruculum goals also focus on the capabilities the neuro-scientists now call “Executive Function”. These are the naturally-occurring skills developed through experiences in the arts (both as practitioner and audience). 

Through the arts, students learn to think and work creatively, both independently and collaboratively, in a supportive and forward-thinking environment. For our KIDS program in particular (and to a certain degree, for our TEEN Programs too), we look at and foster 4 key skills.

*Studies have shown that executive function skills are more important for school readiness andand academic and personal success than a child’s IQ.

<> *Source: Today’s Parent Magaize, Aug 2010


focusing it, sustaining it, and shifting it when you need to.

Impulse Control:

the ability to not always do or say the first thing that comes to mind.

Working Memory:

the ability to hold and use multiple thoughts in your mind


the ability to plan and carry out a sequence of actions to achieve a goal or solve a problem, and adjusting plans if the situation changes. 

The 4 C's For 21st Century Success

Richmond Hill Students In Dance Class
Students at a Richmond Hill Performing Arts School

Social Scientists And Educators are also now understanding there are 4 Critical things for success in today’s world:

  1. Creativity
  2. Collaboration
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Communication

These learning and innovation skills are what separate students who are prepared for increasingly complex life and work evnironments in today’s world and those who are not.

We know that 75% of the jobs of the future haven’t even been invented yet, so we need to think about how we provide our children with a foundation for the unknown. 

(Partnership for 21st Century Learning)

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