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Jazz Dance Lesson In Richmond Hill

Simultaneously smooth and explosive, jazz is technique, style and performance-focused, utilizing many similar positions, steps, and jumps from ballet and contemporary movement styles.  It has a controlled and also improvised feel with students learning jumps, turns, combinations and floor work.  This discipline also helps the dancer develop body movement and rhythm by incorporating different styles of jazz from classical to contemporary, swing, modern and funk, allowing each dancer to express themselves and find their own style.

Increased Rhythm

Jazz dance emphasizes rhythm and timing, helping dancers develop a strong sense of musicality.

Performance Skills

Jazz dance involves dynamic and attention grabbing routines, helping dancers develop their stage presence.

Jazz Dance Class In Richmond Hill
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Jazz Dance Lessons

If you’re a fan of infectious rhythms, dynamic movements, and a dash of theatrical flair, then jazz dance is calling your name. Ovation Arts is excited to offer jazz dance classes that combine technique, style, and the joy of performance.

Our jazz dance classes cater to dancers of all backgrounds, from those taking their first steps in dance to seasoned performers looking to expand their repertoire. Led by our passionate instructors, you’ll learn the fundamentals of jazz dance while exploring its various styles – from classic to contemporary.

Jazz dance is all about embracing individuality and celebrating self-expression. At Ovation Arts, we foster an environment where you can let loose, embrace your unique style, and groove to the beat. Join us on the dance floor and experience the thrill of jazz dance firsthand.

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