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We LOVE to perform!

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Ovation Performances

All of the learning done in the studio is cemented in performance, either on stage or on screen!  That’s why we do several showcases or filming/recording each season!  Most classes participate in at least 2 performances (one in Dec or Jan, and one in May or June), and some classes are involved in a 3rd performance opportunity in the spring.  And some classes are involved in Professional Performance Troupes or other programs that involve more community performances as well. 

Depending on the type, and age/level of the class, the performances might be held at the Ovation! studio or at a theatre, or they might be filmed or recorded!  And we deliberately use several different types of performance venues for our shows and events, in order to provide real-world professional experiences to our students where they learn how to adapt and perform in a variety of locations (different theatres have different ‘feels’ and requirements for performers, and in the real-world we have to learn how to adapt to new circumstances!