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Dance is freedom! Dance is flow and music and expression. Dance is life! Music is now understood to be integral to our survival as a species and it begins with the rhythm of our heartbeat. Dance begins there too and at Ovation! we eschew the competition-focused approach to learning dance which has gripped many studios. Instead of competing externally, we choose to focus on every student’s own internal competition to become the best dancer they can be. How do we do that? Through high-level instruction focused on skill acquisition, technical development, and MORE CHOREOGRAPHY for performance! In every dance class, students learn 2 full pieces of dance/choreography for performance though the season.

Our goal is help our dance students become life-long learners, practitioners, and appreciators of the movement arts, infusing their lives with imagination, artistry, and creativity. We help each dancer find their own unique style within their chosen dance disciplines. We say NO to outrageous costumes fees and YES to age-appropriate costumes, music choices and choreography. Our Instructors use established teaching styles and methodologies/syllabus from a variety of sources, which could include: CODE Council of Drama and Dance Educators, Ontario College of Teachers, RAD Royal Academy of Dance, ISTD Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, Laban Movement, Alexander Technique, and others.

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Dance Programs Overview

All Levels Dance Classes

Each level and type of class is unique in its approach to learning or building on existing skill, technical acumen and comfort level.

Ovation! dancers learn how to harness their technical abilities and individual style so they can shine on stage! Flexibility and versatility are the keys to Ovation’s! creative and vibrant dance classes. Our interdisciplinary approach to dance education includes technique, critical analysis, choreography, and performance. 

We promote body awareness and dance literacy, which involves a deep understanding of the dance discipline and how to keep our bodies safe through movement. This in turn helps develop creative and critical-thinking skills so you can make meaningful connections through yourself as the dancer to the world in which you create and perform. 

The creativity and imagination at ‘play’ in these programs are cornerstones for building confidence and self-esteem. We often combine different style/genres in the same class because we’re developing all-around dancer/performers, many of whom are also engaged in musical theatre, singing, or acting for stage or film. 

We’re focused on building Broadway-style versatile performers who can take their dance training and apply it to a variety of performance environments and opportunities. Every level progresses appropriately for their age and capabilities – and of course, we have a ton of fun, always!

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Specialist Dance Programs

Over the years Ovation! has connected with several other professional dance, acting, and musical theatre performance companies (MOTUS O dance theatre, Marky Monday, ChannukahPalooza, Judy & David, Education Arts Canada, Shadowpath Theatre, Panoply Theatre Collective, and many independent film producers). Our students have participated in many professional shows and events. As new projects arise, we reach out to current students with audition notices for these extra-special performance opportunities!

Adult programs at Ovation! offer a unique educational and social experience. Adults come to classes like ours for a variety of reasons. You may be looking to try something new, or to get back into something you’ve always loved but have been away from for awhile. Whatever your motivation, and regardless of your current ‘level’ of expertise (or not!), taking an adult performance class will always……… Boost your confidence & self-esteem <> Improve your presentation skills <> Exercise your body, mind, and soul <> Provide joy and fulfillment! Because of the percussive nature of tap, tappers are considered dancers and musicians. Utilizing progressions and a variety of tap styles and forms, students will learn the basics and continue to develop strong musicality and begin learning more intricate steps, patterns and choreography as they progress. This class will do an in-studio showcase at the end of each semester if interested!

Ovation! offers private or semi-private lessons in acting, singing, piano, and dance. Students can choose to enrol in weekly one-hour lessons (booked in blocks of 10 sessions), or you can book shorter-term audition prep sessions as needed (minimum of 2 sessions). Private classes are skill-development programs and students don’t usually perform in our shows/events, unless specified. Contact us for details. 

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Richmond Hill Dance Classes & Lessons

Dance Performances & Notes

  • Level 1 Dance/Creative Movement – In January, these students perform an in-studio dance/showcase demonstration for parents/families to observe, during regular class time at Ovation!  Then, in late spring, these students also do a new dance/demonstration and showcase as part of the Primary Get STAGEstruck event, held either at Ovation! or at an alternate small theatre venue. Details will be announced during the season!  (Additional rehearsal hours may be required for the spring demonstration – details TBA.)
  • Levels 2 through 5 – these classes perform a dance/choreography in the Winter Showcase; and a separate dance/choreography in the spring Get STAGEstruck! show.  Additional rehearsal and production hours will be required when mounting the spring show. All details will be provided.
  • Ovation! chooses intelligent, sometimes challenging, thought-provoking musical materials for our Level 4 and 5 programs. Any challenging subject matter is dealt with in a supportive and responsible educational manner.
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More Information About Our Dance Program

Season Overview & Student Feedback

  • Our Season runs from mid-Sept to end of May with weekly classes for each program.
  • The program Levels progress from primary through senior, introducing or enhancing the various components of the discipline and program. Each Level covers a 3 to 4 yr age range.  Depending on age, experience, and when they begin with us, a student could be in the same Level for 1 to 3 seasons.  Students learn how to function as both leaders and followers, experiencing the range of responsibilities and learning opportunities associated with being in a class with a variety of ages, personalities and types of learners.
  • As students progress each season and also through the Levels, they build their personal and performer’s toolkit with more in-depth advanced learning through various teaching tools, focused on skill acquisition, technical development, and practical performance application.  As the Level increases, the in-studio class-time lengthens and the expectations increase with more or lengthier materials, more ‘mature’ but still age-appropriate content, and more advanced learning tools requiring increasingly more at-home preparation time between classes.  The Level 3, 4 and 5 programs may also include more shows/performances/filming opportunities.
  • Each class and student is provided with a detailed Course Curriculum Outline at the beginning of the season outlining all performance or filming requirements and specific curriculum goals, learning tools and teaching strategies ~ a roadmap of where and how we’ll take the class through the season! We discuss specific goals with each student, at the start, at the mid-way point and at the end of the season so we always know what we’re working towards!  And each student receives a personalized Progress Report at the end of each season celebrating their amazing achievements and growth, setting intentions for their continued development, and recommending next steps, all based on the student’s own goals and interests for their training and development.
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