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Fall, spring, and full-year adult classes in ACTING, COMEDY, SINGING, MUSICAL THEATRE, and DANCE.

Ovation Adult Classes

Try something new.  Or get back into something you’ve always loved.  Whatever your motivation, and regardless of your current ‘level’ of expertise (or not!) performing arts classes always do the following:

Ø  Boost confidence & self-esteem

Ø  Improve presentation skills

Ø  Exercise your body, mind, and soul

Ø Foster community connections

Ø  Provide joy

Adult programs at Ovation! offer a unique educational and social experience. Adult programs run in full-season or semester options.  Ask us for details!

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Dance Classes & More For Adults

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Because of the percussive nature of tap, tappers are considered dancers and musicians.  Utilizing progressions and a variety of tap styles and forms, adult students will learn the basics and continue to develop strong musicality and begin learning more intricate steps, patterns and choreography as they progress. This class does an in-studio showcase at the end of each semester if interested!

For students wishing to learn, develop and deliver an assured screen acting performance.  Screen acting is a ton of fun and some really cool work and learning!  Students learn how to put the actor’s basic skills and tools to work by creating a dynamic and powerful scene for presentation.  They learn how to navigate the technical demands of acting on a film set while drawing upon acting fundamentals to block, rehearse, and shoot ensemble scenes.  As they progress, classes tackle a series of increasingly challenging single-scene and multi-scene film auditions, monologues, 2-person or ensemble scenes that become more and more tailored to their individual strengths and weaknesses. 

This program introduces and enhances all the same tenets of comedy, digging deep into the technical aspects of humour, improv, sketch, and comedic acting performance with more advanced and more mature materials and themes. It’s an amazing way to leave real life behind for a bit every week!  Let your imagination and creative juices flow and just learn while you laugh! This program culminates with an in-studio demonstration at the end of each semester.

This class develops the student’s appreciation and understanding of musical theatre performance.  Each semester, students learn 2 or 3 songs/scenes/pieces chosen from the canon of musical theatre repertoire. Our training consists of vocal technique development, acting/character development, and movement / staging retention.  Focus is on solid vocal technique (for both singing and acting), performance style and individuality. A wide variety of performance elements are covered, from the basics of a proper vocal warm-up, to discussions on vocal health, placement, breathing and posture. Students have fun while building the necessary foundations of good technique, combined with the versatility of performance and music styles. Due to the highly collaborative nature of musical theatre as an art form, student participation and leadership plays a heavy role in musical theatre training.. This program wraps each semester with an in-class presentation of their work.

Adult program class offerings may differ year-to-year, check in with us for details!
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