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Where dance meets music.  Taps.  Shuffles.  Fa-laps.  Time Steps. 8-beat-riffs.  Tap has it all!  Because of the percussive nature of tap, tappers are considered dancers and musicians.  Subtle and nuanced, powerful and thrilling – tap can do it all!  Utilizing progressions and a variety of tap styles and forms, students develop strong musicality and total body co-ordination, as they learn progressively more intricate steps, patterns and choreography.  It’s a true combination of tradition and innovation as we match steps to sounds, sounds to movement, and movement to emotion.

Cardio & Fitness

The energetic nature of tap dance provides a great workout, boosting cardio health & endurance.

Creative Expression

Tap dance allows you to express yourself through rhythm and movement, encouraging creativity and individuality in your performances.

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Tap Dance Classes Richmond Hill

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Tap Dance Lessons

If the sound of tapping feet and syncopated rhythms fills you with excitement, tap dance might be your calling. Ovation Arts proudly offers tap dance classes that allow you to explore the world of percussive dance while creating your own musical melodies with your feet.

Our tap dance classes are tailored to dancers of all ages and levels, from those taking their first steps into the dance world to seasoned performers looking to enhance their skills. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you’ll learn the fundamentals of tap dance, from basic steps to intricate routines.

Tap dance is a unique form of self-expression that combines movement and music, and at Ovation Arts, we celebrate its infectious energy. Join our classes to experience the joy of creating rhythms with your feet, embracing improvisation, and stepping into a world where dance becomes a conversation.

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