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Musical Theatre Dance Program

Dancers practing musical theatre dance skills

This program encompasses basic, fundamental elements of Western musical theatre dance styles. The main goal of the class is for the students to learn the foundational dance steps of musical theatre choreography, and to increase technical ability, endurance, strength, and flexibility, while also improving their memory work for choreography. The class develops basic dance technique, movement concepts, proprioception (a sense of the body’s positioning/alignment), and spatial understanding and awareness, while having lots of fun!  Through structured exercises, improvs, and choreography combinations, students learn to gain technique and improve choreographic capabilities quickly within a group setting. Students will also apply their own creative ideas to movement. This is a skills program so they work together and present their choreography in the studio during regular class time.

Acting Skills

Learn to dance in the context of a storyline to enhance both your dancing and acting s kills at the same time.

Stage Presence

Musical theatre dance classes foster confidence and stage presence, teaching dancers how to command the stage.

Musical Theatre Dance Skill Practice On Stage
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Choreo Dance Practice For Musical Theatre Dance Skills

Learn Musical Theatre Dance Skills In Richmond Hill

Musical Theatre Dance Lessons

Have you ever dreamed of performing in a dazzling musical production, where song, dance, and acting come together to create pure magic? Ovation Arts is thrilled to offer musical dance theater classes that bring the world of Broadway to life.

Our musical dance theater classes are designed for aspiring performers who want to master the art of storytelling through song and dance. Led by experienced instructors, you’ll delve into the techniques of musical theater, honing your singing, dancing, and acting skills in preparation for the stage.

At Ovation Arts, we believe in nurturing the complete performer. Our classes not only teach you the technical aspects of dance and singing but also help you connect with the emotions of your character and bring depth to your performances. Join us on this incredible journey to explore the world of musical dance theater.

Students practicing in a musical theatre dance skills class

Beyond Musical Theatre Dance Classes

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