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Preparing For Your Next Audition

Here's how the Audition Prep Sessions work:

1.   As soon as you know your audition dates, CONTACT US to book your prep sessions.  Dates will be planned as requests come in. For students auditioning for academic programs,  the timing is annually in Jan through April.  Register early ~ time slots fill up fast. (Need a list of college/university arts programs? email Bonnie Craig)

2.   We suggest you book a minimum of 2, one-hour sessions and they should be 1 or 2 weeks apart. Two sessions allows you to do the preliminary work in the 1st session, getting direction from the instructor, which you can use while continuing work on your materials outside of the studio (developing your ‘ownership’ and comfort level with the materials).  Then the 2nd session is about finalizing and polishing. (You can book additional sessions as required, depending on how many monologues, songs, dances, pieces you need to prepare).

3.   Some programs provide you with the specific materials they want you to prepare for their audition. Others ask you to bring in your own choice of material. If you have to choose your own, we can assist with material selection as well.


4.   You should have your materials memorized before you come in for your 1st session. If the memory work isn’t done in advance, you’ll be wasting your time!


5.   In your sessions, you’ll work on developing the character/expression/technique; delivering a strong presentation; taking ownership of your work.  You’ll talk about the ‘process’ of auditioning; i.e., what to expect, how the day/session will generally run, decorum (how to present yourself well), and how to handle any workshopping or improv stuff they might give you on the spot, etc.

Let us help you give it your best shot.
Private Classes

Ovation! offers private or semi-private lessons in  acting, singing, piano, guitar and dance. Students can choose to enrol in weekly lessons (booked in blocks of 10 sessions), or you can book shorter-term audition prep sessions (minimum of 2 sessions).

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“I got into Concordia! The audition process was grueling…2 days of workshops and call backs narrowing it down from 250 to 48 candidates – by the end of it I was physically and emotionally drained but excited to be part of it. I was so fortunate that the prep time spent with Jeff helped my monologue and audition rise above the rest…thank you again for all your support!” – Madeline S.


“I would like to send the deepest of thanks to all of you for helping me prep for my audition and for taking the time to educate me on the importance of performance, and for enriching my love of acting, thus helping me with my entry to Arts Unionville.  I am thrilled and forever grateful!”  -M. Mori

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