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Singing Program

Ovation! vocal students learn an arsenal of techniques, styles and dynamics, always with the goal of singing well and singing safely.  Every voice is unique, and finding your own voice is a spectacular journey of discovery.  Singing is a combination of physiology and psychology. The tools and techniques involved include things like breath, control, stamina, dynamics, articulation, ear training, emotional investment, storytelling, character, and confidence.  We help train singers as soloists, as ensemble singers learning how to sing harmony as well as melody, and as musical theatre performers.  Great singers are great performers with acting/storytelling skills and movement/dance skills as well as great pipes and vocal technique.

We LOVE helping people become great singers!

Expressive Communication

Through singing, you learn to convey emotions and stories, fostering expressive communication skills that transcend music.

Vocal Technique

Singing lessons provide guidance on proper vocal techniques, helping you develop a strong, controlled, and versatile voice.

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Kids Singing Lessons In Richmond Hill

All Levels Program Overview

Singing Classes

Each level and type of class is unique in its approach to learning or building on existing skill and comfort level.
Singing, whether solos or in an ensemble, is about co-ordinating the brain with the diaphragm and breath, connecting with our ear so we can match tone/pitch, using every muscle in our bodies to harness energy and to connect emotionally to tell a story. 

There are myriad physiological components to learning how to sing safely and well. 

Every singing program incorporates good solid proven vocal technique and every class uses the voice in different ways

Tune Up Your Talents

Singing Programs

This Vocal Skills Development program is geared to beginner singers and focuses on learning and understanding vocal technique and conditioning; developing our natural ear for pitch consistency; expanding and solidifying our range; learning how to use and control our breath for cleaner, clearer vocal tones; developing our vocal control and projection; increasing our singing stamina and natural vocal qualities.  Focus may include some solo vocal work as well as some ensemble/harmony/part-singing as well.  Each student works on a selection of shorter or longer song-choices through the season, and we aim to use/introduce different styles/genres of music to find our unique voices!  After some initial musical instruction, over the course of several classes, students learn and work through their material in a ‘master-class setting’ (private instruction that engages the whole class).  This program culminates with an in-studio demonstration.

This Solo Vocal Performance program is geared to students with some previous vocal experience.  It helps students find their own unique sound and teaches them how to let it shine and be heard to its potential as a soloist. By training and performing a wide variety of vocal genres (jazz, rock, pop, musical theatre, classical, folk, country, R & B, etc……….) we help students discover their range, their style, their dynamics, and we help fine-tune their tonal qualities with fuller rounder notes and ease of transition from chest to mixed to head voice capabilities.  We work on mouth shapes and tongue placements, vocal placement to achieve different results in different styles of music.  And we work on performance quality including staging/movement as a soloist, including learning about microphone technique.    We aim to sing through the vowels to the consonants and through the character to connect emotionally, singing the story instead of just the notes.  As students progress through the Levels they take on more materials and more advanced/challenging types of compositions.  Students learn and work through their material in a ‘master-class setting’ (private instruction that engages the whole class).  Focus is on overall musicality/music appreciation, developing a critical ear and eye, and performance of primarily solo work and some ensemble/harmony opportunities.  A solid vocal warm-up and work on technique is a feature of every class. The students change music genres 2 or 3 times a season, and each of these mini-sessions culminates with an in-studio or on-stage performance in order to provide feedback on both the audio and visual components of students’ stage presence and song delivery.

This Ensemble Vocal Performance program is inspired by the “GLEE -tv show’ focus on great pop music!  A fabulous vocal class focused on harmony/part-singing with some solo opportunities, and staged for performance.  Students can sink their teeth into a wide variety of popular music arranged for a small performance ensemble. Song choices include material from a wide range of ‘big’ songs from the today’s current hits and reaching back over the past 50 years of great pop music!  Strong solid vocal technique is a hallmark of this class and showmanship is at the forefront as we always have fantastic ideas for performance opportunities! Versatility, exciting repertoire, lush harmonies, and strong showmanship are the key elements here. Big, bold and exuberant best describes the feel and intent of this course.

Ovation! offers private or semi-private lessons in  acting, singing, piano, and dance. Students can choose to enrol in weekly one-hour lessons (booked in blocks of 10 sessions), or you can book shorter-term audition prep sessions as needed (minimum of 2 sessions).  Private classes are skill-development programs and students don’t usually perform in our shows/events, unless specified. 

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Over the years Ovation! has connected with several other professional dance, acting, and musical theatre performance companies (MOTUS O dance theatre, Marky Monday, ChannukahPalooza, Judy & David, Education Arts Canada, Shadowpath Theatre, Panoply Theatre Collective, and many independent film producers).  Our students have participated in many professional shows and events.  As new projects arise, we reach out to current students with audition notices for these extra-special performance opportunities!

Singing Lesson In Richmond Hill
Singing Lessons In Richmond Hill

Performances & Notes

All Levels & Types Of Programs

  • Sing With Confidence class – This is a skills program so they work together and present their materials in the studio during regular class time at the end of the season!
  • All other vocal classes (except private lessons) perform at least 1 song/piece in the Winter Showcase; and a separate song/piece in the spring Get STAGEstruck! show.  Additional rehearsal and production hours will be required when mounting the spring show. All details will be provided.
  • Ovation! chooses intelligent, sometimes challenging, thought-provoking musical materials for our Level 4 and 5 programs. Any challenging subject matter is dealt with in a supportive and responsible educational manner.
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More Information On Singing Lessons

Season Overview & Student Feedback

  • Our Season runs from mid-Sept to end of May with weekly classes for each program.
  • The program Levels progress from primary through senior, introducing or enhancing the various components of the discipline and program. Each Level covers a 3 to 4 yr age range.  Depending on age, experience, and when they begin with us, a student could be in the same Level for 1 to 3 seasons.  Students learn how to function as both leaders and followers, experiencing the range of responsibilities and learning opportunities associated with being in a class with a variety of ages, personalities and types of learners.
  • As students progress each season and also through the Levels, they build their personal and performer’s toolkit with more in-depth advanced learning through various teaching tools, focused on skill acquisition, technical development, and practical performance application.  As the Level increases, the in-studio class-time lengthens and the expectations increase with more or lengthier materials, more ‘mature’ but still age-appropriate content, and more advanced learning tools requiring increasingly more at-home preparation time between classes.  The Level 3, 4 and 5 programs may also include more shows/performances/filming opportunities.
  • Each class and student is provided with a detailed Course Curriculum Outline at the beginning of the season outlining all performance or filming requirements and specific curriculum goals, learning tools and teaching strategies ~ a roadmap of where and how we’ll take the class through the season! We discuss specific goals with each student, at the start, at the mid-way point and at the end of the season so we always know what we’re working towards!  And each student receives a personalized Progress Report at the end of each season celebrating their amazing achievements and growth, setting intentions for their continued development, and recommending next steps, all based on the student’s own goals and interests for their training and development

Beyond Singing

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